Bill Hailey is old enough to know better but young enough to think he can
still get away with it

He was raised by missionaries in various Asian countries but gleefully
embraces the notion that beauty and the devil are the same thing

He thinks there are 3 key rules, for both making a painting and living a
fulfilled life - but that unfortunately no one has a fucking clue what they are

He thinks that life is a thousand times too short for us to bore ourselves and
that one needs a touch of mayhem inside to give birth to a dancing star

He thinks that once we realize all is madness the mysteries fall away and
life stands explained

He thinks our greatest fears lie in anticipation and he believes in forever, and

He believes that where there is no Hope it is incumbent on us to invent it,
and that Beauty will be convulsive - or it will not be

He believes in painting from exile, naked, and in blood, but that a simple
stroll through an insane asylum is enough to show that faith proves nothing

He thinks everything bad may be secretly good for you and he imagines that
the gods laugh when we die

He thinks no knowledge is certain, and that the sacred obelisk is already
broken and the wind is in the trees

He thinks that in this world which tramples truth and drunkards alike if you
can’t take a joke you can get the fuck out of his house

He thinks that a certain point attitude is all we have left and that if you can
read this it may already too late

He thinks the soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts, and that
always & forever, HOPE SPRINGS INFERNAL